Step by step Guides to use Wonderbag

1.    First, prepare your dish. Do everything you would do before you would usually leave the dish to boil (in this case we fry onions and tomatoes, add spices, add maggi, salts and all the other ingredients). But for food like beans, Kwacocco, Koki beans and corn, footcow, Kanda, unripe plantain and any other food that takes longer to cook on fire, simply put your foodstuff inside the pot and place on the fire for boiling. Then place a tight-fitting lid on top of the pot. Then heat your pot to a boiling temperature (100o C).

2.    Then carefully place the pot inside the Wonderbag. Placing a folded dishtowel in the base and around the sides of the pot can help keep your Wonderbag clean and adds a little extra insulation, (This is not an obligation anyway).

3.    Place the wonderbag lid on top of the lid of your pot. Then pull up the draw string, enclosing the outer bag around it. Leave the bag somewhere safe on a flat surface where it won’t be knocked or disturbed for the full cooking time. We know it’s hard but try to resist the urge to check on it during cooking time, as this will let out all the built-up heat requiring you to put the dish back into the stove and bring it to the boil again before closing it up.

4.    When everything is cooked, remove the pot from the Wonderbag and serve. You would be surprised on how hot the pot is even after several hours inside the Wonderbag. Enjoy your Meal!