Food security and climate change

A key conclusion of  the scientists is that climate challenge will increase the risk of reduced crop productivity due to changes in the climatic patterns including the shifting and perturbation of the agricultural calendar.  

To mitigate the effects, rural communities should be able to adapt to various measures such as adjusting planting date, diversifying their production, combining crops farming  and livestock, optimizing fertilizer.

We dream of rural communities producing a good variety of crops in an ecological way and in large quantities.  Rural communities should continue feeding urban areas with healthier foodstuffs (ideally  with the use of bio-fertilizers only).

 Infrastructures in rural areas should be developed and maintained in order to improve on the living conditions of rural populations. Also their capacities should be reinforced as to permit self and sustainable development.

We are working to help rural communities to adapt to climate change and improve on their living conditions because somehow or other we are all linked to the rural world.  Support this initiative for a better world for everyone!