Education on nature, environmental protection and health

Education on nature, environmental protection and health

Educating the Youth  and specific groups such as trekking tourĀ“s associations,  communities leaders in areas surrounding natural reserves and protected areas on  environmental protection and conservation of the biodiversity  is at the centre of our activities. Exploring and vulgarizing alternative income generation activities for populations adjacent to these biodiversity hotspots is one of the solution to protect  nature and fight against poverty in a sustainable way. 

We support the organization of nature friendly trekking tours in the Mt. Cameroon National Park. Please go to www. to have first hand  trekking experience  on the highest pick of West and Central Africa.

In collaboration with basketball for development, we are developing an environmental and health education program in schools which combines entertainment (sport-basketball-) and learning in one.

Nature discovery, not only in school books, but practically in the field, in the forests and savannas around is one of the activities we are equally putting in place with primary and secondary schools in our communities.  Youth is the  future of our planet. If  conservation will have an importance tomorrow, we better start today by motivating young people to know and care about nature.

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